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How To Save With Off Season Travel

We all know that airlines and resorts are very aware when family travel demand is high. You got it, summertime and the holiday season are among the most popular times of the year for travel. For obvious reasons these seasons are ideal times for vacations in many ways, there are also many benefits...

7 Steps To Planning The Perfect A Group Vacation

Group vacations can be the best or worst type of trip ever. They can become one of the most amazing times of our lives, where you become closer with family and reminisce about the family vacation trip for years to come. Others, well... not so much.

Traveling as a group or fa...

3 Ways To Plan Holiday Travel Like A Pro

The most stressful to time plan travel is during the holiday season but smart planning can lead to a much smoother travel schedule.

Statistics provided by the Bureau of Transp...


I'm Eric McNairy. I am a professional travel consultant with over 30 years of travel experience. My obsession with travel began at an early age. I joined the US Air Force in 1983 where I was blessed the opportuntity to see the majority of the pacific including Hawaii, Guam, Korea, Philipines, and Japan.

After an honorable discharge from the US Air Force in 1989, I became a software consultant. As you can imagine as software development consultant in the telecom industry I was forever on a plane.

During my travels I have been blessed to experience different cultures, some of the world's best beaches, great scuba diving, some of the most amazing golf courses, and RIDE the best champagne powder ski resorts.

While most of this time was working, I was able to take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy the many bleesings bestowed upon us.

On this website I am sharing what I have learned while, ways to save movey when traveling, and opportunities to travel on a budget. Hopefully, my sharing will help you look travel differently and plan your next getaway.

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